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The official home of the Washington Wrestle Talk Podcast

The Show

The show first premiered on December 27, 2018.  What was originally supposed to be a podcast about pro wrestling grew into something much bigger.

Beginning in April 2019 we started expanding to cover session wrestling, the Lingerie Fighting Championships among other facets.

In June 2019 we covered the entire day at the SessionGirls event in Van Nuys, CA.  

In July 2019 we partnered with the Brutal Beauties Catfight League to provide an outlet for listeners, and competitors, to be heard. Brutal Beauties also was the first recipient of our banner.

Since we began we have been broadcast on Speaker, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, BluBrry, iHeartRadio, and YouTube

Past Guests

Our past guests include:

Daisy Ducati 

Jolene "The Valkyrie" Hexx

The Royal Hawaiian (Season 1 GLOW girl, longest reigning GLOW champion)

Lady Oyanka

Hollywood (An OG GLOW girl)

Jada Silk

The Producer of BaeFight 

Boppy the Clown (aka Jerry the Jobber) 

Mia Annabella

Sherry Stunns

Gia Love

Jenny Blaze

Clement Akufo

Sydney Thunder

Vanessa Vilano

Agatha Carter

Sybil Starr

Delyte de la Cruz

Bella Ink


Alexandra Hamilton

Layla Jay

Dom Katerina

Sasha Steel

Sammi Ross

Mistress Kat

Chloe Cummings

Jennifer Thomas

Becca Jaguar

Clever Brave


Mark Gagliardi

Michael Larkin 

Lyric Lane

Lyric's Husband  Adam

And two long time fans of session wrestling 

How To Be On The Show

We are always looking for guests to be on the podcast.  If you are interested in being interviewed, have questions or comments feel free to email the show at: